How to make a house foundation with bricks and cast

Looking at the plan and size of the house to be built. This is the basis or the first benchmark in making the house, before doing the next stage. Although there is not a good plan made by an architect, at least there is a sketch that makes a house look over. In the meantime, perhaps you need to know more info about foundation repair in Pasadena TX as well.

Make a bow plank that serves as a benchmark or guide in the foundation work, determines the midpoints of columns and walls, and from blank, we can make a wall with 90 ° angle. Make this bow plank should be adjusted to the size of the house plan.

The next job is to dig the foundation. The depth of the foundation for a simple house is quite as deep as 40-50 cm, and about 30-40 cm wide. This depth is also affected by the texture of the soil, if the soil is hard textured, then the size of the above is sufficient, but if the soil is textured crumbs or glue, then the excavation should be deeper and there is the addition of the cone along the bottom of the foundation line.

When finished digging, it’s time to install the foundation with a stone or red brick. The use of this material is also adapted to the availability of materials of each region.

Installation of bricks for the foundation must be adjusted to the point or yarn that has been determined to the bow plank. Usually with the size of the depth on top is installed 4 layers of red brick.

The technique of installing bricks for the foundation is almost triangular, the bottom layer widened, while the top one pairs of bricks (20 cm in size).

If you have finished installing the entire brick, then proceed with installing iron that has been woven with wire binding. Each end of the iron must be bent (hammered) and associated with the iron foundation of the local plate or column pole.

Next, install the beginning for sloof using a board measuring 400 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm. Installation must be neat and strong, so it is not damaged or broken due to pressure cast mortar when casting sloof.