Lenovo Legian Y520 is the best choice for 13 inch gaming laptops budget under $1000

Do you look for 13 inch gaming laptops budget under $1000? Lenovo Legian Y520 is the best choice. It has been the winner of the best gaming laptop under $1000 in 2018. You can get a new experience and excellent gaming companion to play many newer games. If you want to know more about this 13 inch gaming laptops recommendation from us, let’s check this out.

There is review about Lenovo Legian Y520, here it is :

1. Design
This 13 inch gaming laptops look alike an ordinary laptop, but it has an aesthetic bumps on the hood and make this laptop looks simple with black plastic options to cover it.

2. Keyboard and Touchpad
Lenovo Legian Y520 has amazing keyboards. If it doesn’t run well, the gamers will easily angry and abuse the keyboard while playing. Because it will make playing games harder than using comfortable keyboards.

3. Audio
Audio is the most important thing to be a part of gaming laptop. It’s better than a gaming laptop has relatively acceptable loud for enjoying a new experience of gaming.

4. Battery Life
It’s important to choose 13 inch gaming laptops that have a battery life last longer. Lenovo Legian Y520 has battery life 3 hours and half, so it has a standard battery capacity for gaming laptop for budget under $1000.

5. Performance
Lenovo Legian Y520 can do a multitasking, like streaming videos and even Chrome opened while playing games. So, there will be no lag and everything seemed to run well and smoothly.

Finding the right gaming laptop is difficult, so this Lenovo’s new Legion series Y520 will be good for you. Please kindly check this website for more informaion about a lot of gaming laptops.