Grill Types Can Be Used for BBQ Parties

Preparing for a BBQ party? Do not forget to choose the right grill. Can be a pan grill or an electric grill. Not just thinking about food, you need to prepare a grill for a BBQ party. In the market, there are several types of grills to choose from. Starting from the simplest as pan grill, smoker grills, or grill cabinet with complete function. Get all of that on our website.

1. Pan Grill

This grill tool is practical and cheap because it is a frying pan. Usually, square with a corrugated surface. The goal is that the food gets a roasting effect like an outdoor toaster. Waves also serve to deliver heat while preventing burnt food. Pan grill is generally made of steel and is nonstick. To use it, simply spread a frying pan with a little oil or butter. Furthermore, the food can be directly burned on the stove.

2. Charcoal Grill

This type of grill is most widely used for New Year’s BBQ party. The types vary according to the material of manufacture, size, and shape. There is a rectangular or round rectangular shaped steel like a large basin. Heat source obtained from the use of charcoal wood or coconut shell. Bake food with this tool will produce a delicious aroma typical of a delicious burnt. But grilling time is relatively longer.

3. Cabinet Grills

For the modern version, the cabinet grill can be an option. Shaped like a cupboard with a right and left sides can be used to store sauces or other equipment. Suitable for outdoor use because the grill is equipped with lids and wheels so it is easy to move. Fuel is gas or coal fire. The food is cooked more quickly with this grill.

4. Gas Grill

Want a more practical? Take advantage of gas grills. As the name implies, this grill uses gas as its fuel. Usually rectangular with pipe blades on it. Foods such as corn to seafood will be baked evenly with this tool.

5. Electric Grill

This type of grill avoids you from the hassles of making coals. Simply connected to the flow of electricity, various foodstuffs will be baked. But the food does not emit the aroma of burning if baked with this tool. The practical nature of making electric grills suitable to travel.