At least, Two Components In This Air Conditioner You Need To Know

An air conditioner that you have at home can be damaged and can not be reused. If this happens, then all you can do is call a service that can fix it. One of them is With these services, you can get the right fix.

In addition, there are several components in the air conditioner that need to be known, among which is

– Capillary pipes
The capillary tube is a component of the cooling system that serves to reduce pressure on the freon gas. The freon process through this capillary pipe causes Freon in the form of a gas to turn into liquid. In the large-scale refrigeration system, the capillary flap may be varied according to need.

– indoor blower
The indoor blower has a function to draw indoor hot air and replace it with cold air after passing the evaporator. The most common problem in indoor blowers is the blower malfunction caused by electrical damage and control.