Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Building the Foundation

In the certain time, you will need the work from Shreveport LA foundation repair. However, there is the way to make your foundation of any building provide its best. When building a house or building, the first thing to consider is the foundation problem, because the foundation serves to sustain the weight of the existing building above it, so the quality and strength of the foundation must be properly addressed.

Each home foundation has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a suitable type of foundation is used for the manufacture of a house, but may not be suitable for home construction with other specifications. So how the hell do I choose the right home foundation?

1. Watch the House to be Built

The higher the house to be built, the stronger the carrying capacity of the foundation needed. Thus, this altitude factor plays a very important role in the selection of the type of foundation. A two-story house may still be supported by a shallow foundation. Well, if you intend to set up with a large enough floor, consider taking a deep foundation that has the best carrying capacity.

2. Check the Type of Land in the Construction Site

Based on the carrying capacity, there are 4 kinds of land including hard soil, medium soil, soft soil, and very soft soil. Construction of the foundation also needs to consider the location of hard soil layers. The position of hard soil that is in the depth of 0-3 meters can apply shallow foundation. Meanwhile, the hard ground position located at a depth of 3-20 meters should use a shallow foundation to deep foundations such as mini pile, bored pile, or well.

3. View Local Geographic Environmental Condition

This geographical factor influences the soil type and ideality of a building. Clay has a better support power than peat soil, so a simple foundation is enough. However, if the clay conditions are unstable due to extreme environments, then a deeper foundation is needed in order to support the building well.

4. Construction on the foundation

Construction located on the foundation is called a superstructure. This includes anything that is installed or placed on the foundation for example frames, horses, pillars, floors, walls, and furniture. Determination of the type of foundation to be built should consider this aspect to be able to fully support the total load to be retained.